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Community Bible Church Stittsville, SokJok and REMAY have teamed up for the ultimate purpose to create a lasting impact in Africa. Thanks to the help of those involved, a school was built & for the children of Seje, Kenya to be able to learn and get an education.

Help the ultimate cause

Shaping Young Minds

If you could have anything in the world, what would it be? The answer to this question by children living in poverty is often "To be able to go to school". Our mission is to make this wish come true to as many children in the Seje community as we can.

Fundrising with Goods

Using the profit of consumer goods, we are able to help those in need while the donors receive a worth while product for their contribution.

Creating Sustainability

We provide funding to create the school and a sustainable ecosystem for the entire village. A system was built to water the garden during the dry season where we grow banana trees, kale, beans, tomatoes and corn for the children and to sell at markets.

Helping Children

Clean uniforms, play structures, toys and school supplies are all important components in developing our children into the best they can be.

Ensuring better life

Personal hygiene education, dental supplies and eye exams. We have community members who volunteer their time to help children beyond the classroom.

Education for all

At our current capacity, we have team members who select the most at risk children to enter the program. Our goal is to grow the schools capacity to give education for all of the children in Seje.

Help the children in Seje, Kenya continue their education

How can you help?

What can I purchase to contribute to the project?

We offer two great products you likely need to purchase anyway! SokJok provides extremely comfortable high quality sweat absorbing bamboo socks and REMAY provides a luxurious coconut shave gel you will be sure to fall in love with.

How do I know my purchase contributed to the project?

All transactions done through this website are audited by Champion A Campaign and funds are distributed to the Stittsville Community Bible Church. Purchase a product you need to help a child in need!

Where can I purchase these?

Simply click on the "Purchase Products" tab or "Donate Directly" if you want to donate instead.

Are there other ways I can help the project?

Of course, you can help by sharing this with your friends and work colleagues. If you have an office looking to become involved in a great cause, we would love your support. If you have ideas of other ways to help, please contact us HERE


Choose to donate directly to the project.

If you are not inclined to purchase one of the selected products that contribute to the project, you are able to simply make a monetary donation. Anything helps bring us closer to our goal.

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Who's behind the Ultimate cause

Nick May

Founder/Owner REMAY

Nick May was a chemistry student with a big goal "to develop the next generation of shave gel". Nick realized that he could take what he was learning in school and apply it to the real world to develop something unique. He developed REMAY Glide & Shave, a convenient coconut shave gel that fits in the palm of your hand for every day shaving. Nick can be seen making an investment on CBC televisions Dragons' Den and was awarded "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. "School is a tool to do the things that you want to do, not simply a piece of paper to get a job"

Angella Goran

Team Captain/Founder SokJok Inc. & Champion A Campaign

Angella Goran is a well-rounded talented woman who devotes her time in the areas of business, sport and community. From participating as a professional athlete in sport, it has been a long-standing dream to be able to create business opportunities that embrace and share the same positive energy that sport has brought to her.
She is the Founder of SokJok Inc. a social enterprise where socks sales become a sustainable leadership tool in supporting our youth programs in schools, teams and organizations in the pillars of Community, Arts, Sports and Academics (C.A.S.A.) Her second company is Global Sports Insurance/ATHLETICA™ Protect a company specializing in endurance sports insurance products. Lastly, she rounds her business side with consultation, motivating others to believe in themselves through her Life on Purpose seminar & toolkit, engaging others to find their WHY.


Sarwar Qureshi (C.A.)

Parner, Paterson & Company

Sarwar Qureshi is a Chartered Professional Accountant with Paterson and Company, which works with small businesses to make sense of numbers and stay in the CRA’s good books. He has helped startups in the idea formulation stage with their business plan and financial projection to secure financing, as well as high growth companies with their due diligence and tax planning as they are being acquired. He is also a professor at Algonquin College, as well as a mentor for Futurpreneur.

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